Dina Kiden Victor is a South Sudanese youngest and the only female stand up comedian in South Sudan who is well known by her stage name as “Comedian Kiden”.

She was born on October 20th – 2009, as a fifth child out of six children from the family of late Victor Gbolo Scopas and the caring mother who is Susan Juan James.

The 12 years old Comedian Kiden started her official Comedy career in 2019 in Juba, she is also a dancer and a Boru-Boru player, and currently Kiden is studying in a school called Emmanuel nursery and primary school in Primary 7.

Comedian Kiden in 2020 alone performed in more than 20 different stages as well as performed in number of local social and organized occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and festivals, she also signed number of contracts with different organisations and companies……