Latest report released by the South Sudan National Communication Authority shows that many radio stations in the country are Operating without valid NCA licenses as of 27th July, 2020.

According to the report, only sixteen out of the over thirty radio stations in the country had valid licenses as of 27th July, 2020.
Those radio stations with valid NCA licenses include:

2. Voice of America (VOA)
3. Favor FM
4. EBC
5. Salvation FM
6. Eye Radio
7. Abyei FM
8. Salaam FM
9. Kondial FM
10. Nile FM
11. Jam Jang FM
12. RMC Ministry
14. Mingkaman FM
15. Dolku FM
16. Duk Padiet FM

The National Communication Authority in South Sudan regulates the Communication sector to meet the changing demands of development and globalization to encourage a conducive environment favourable for promotion of Communication services by ensuring free and fair competition and support of investment in the sector.

It shut down some media and communication outlets in the previous years for failing to comply with the standard requirements including lack of valid NCA licenses.

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