Yesterday, shared a story of how Makerere Professor Tickodri chased the original ideator of the Kiira EV car from the Project. Today, learned that the Kayoola Bus was never manufactured in Uganda as earlier reported.

The much hyped solar-bus made in Uganda was never made here, but in China. has learned that the Kiira team used the funds to contact a supplier in China to send them a bus which they would later re-brand to ‘Kayoola’ and claim that it was manufactured in Uganda.

The team at Kiira Motors used this link: to order two buses from China. They would then proceed to change the logos and tags on the buses to reflect ‘Kayoola.’ Nothing about this bus ever got manufactured in the country.

All the specifications laid out about this Chinese bus would later turn out to be the same features that were exhibited by the Kiira team. has learned that the original Kiira EV team was dismantled when the funds came in, leaving Musaazi to bring in his new team, without the context and ingenuity of the original team. The question is; why would a whole country be taken for a ride? Why did such a great project turn out to be a shadow of its former past?


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