Towards the end of last month, Charity Amoding received a phone call from a man who only identified himself as Michael.

The man claimed to be a long lost friend. When Amoding responded by saying she did not have any friend called Michael, the man went ahead to mention her full name, age, current place of residence and village, which was all correct information.

But even after volunteering all this information, Amoding could still not remember ever knowing or meeting any Michael. She was confused. But rather than cut him off, she went ahead to give him audience, hoping he had something important to stay.

“Are you working at the moment?” Michael asked her.

“Yes, I am,” she responded. “Are they paying you well at your current job?” he continued asking.

Amoding remained silent for a few seconds, wondering what to tell Michael.

“Charity speak to me. I want to help you,” he calmly stated.

Amoding hesitantly proceeded with the conversation by telling Michael she was being paid mere peanuts.

“Does the job come with health insurance?” he asked further. “No,” she responded.

Michael went ahead to comfort Amoding, saying he was sorry her employer was exploiting her and that she deserved better.

“There is an international company currently looking for new workers.

They will pay you about Shs3 million every month. Just imagine what you will do with this money in this coronavirus times. In addition, they will provide health insurance plus other allowances,” he said.

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