South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda are appealing to the peace parties to denounce violence as the humanitarian Situation in the camps continues to escalate.

The UNHCR says it has run out funds to provide for the over 1.4 million refugees currently living in Uganda adding that the available funds cannot support refugee humanitarian services beyond September this year.

As the World marks the World Refugee Day today [Saturday, 20 June 2020], South Sudanese in various refugee camps in Uganda say life has become hard due to reduction of food ratio and COVID-19 restrictions.

Some refugees who spoke to us from Imvepi and Moyo say some of them have rented cultivation land from the host communities to farm but rains have failed to fall.

They say had it not been border closures and insecurity, they would have come to South Sudan while calling on the parties to the conflict to cease hostilities and embrace dialogue to achieve sustainable peace.

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