Fighting over Memory Card in Juba PoCs leaves 175 injured.

Three-day fighting between the IDPs over stolen memory card has left 175 wounded at the Protection of Civilians site located on UNMISS bases in Juba UN House, a church leader has said.

Speaking to Eye Radio on phone this morning, Reverend Jacob Kunyuat Jany said the fighting started last Friday and it continued to this morning [Sunday].

According to the church leader who lives in the PoC, the fighting erupted after a memory card belonging to a lady went missing at the mobile-phone charging place.

“It was on the date 5 of this month when a lady took her phone for charging where the memory card went missing or taken, so it’s got lost somewhere, that was the actual cause and it was settled the same day,” Rev. Jacob said.

“The following day, the case was regenerated again by some young boys, so it went on and on until other people who were not part of what was going on gradually become part of what is happening in the PoC.”

Rev. Jacob claimed that the three-day fighting has left a total of 175 people wounded, two in critical conditions, but with no death.

“On the 5th, on the first day, 40 people were injured with 2 in serious conditions and were managed by ABMC health workers,” Rev. Jacob said.

“On the second day [Saturday] about 120 people were wounded, and today [Sunday] about 15 people got injured.”

He said the IDPs have been using crude weapons such as knives, pangas, and other sharp objects to harm themselves during the fight.

The church leader stated that the IDPs have divided themselves into two groups of Western and Eastern Upper Nile.

He added the fighting has turned the community from greater Akobo, Nasir, Fangak, and the community from greater Bentiu against each other.

As of 7 May 2020, a total of 29,658 civilians are seeking safety in the Protection of Civilians sites located on UNMISS bases in Juba UN House.

Since the fighting erupted, UNMISS hasn’t released a statement.

Via Eye Radio

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